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New enterprises, especially the ones who do not have a significant capital base backing them, or have been formed from scratch commonly source their merchandise to avoid huge production costs. Product sourcing is the process of locating good quality products to sell from trustworthy sources at good pricing. Within that process, there are a lot of distinct stages, such as studying the chosen goods. Also, calculating the price and cost of the products, and then negotiating with suppliers in order to reach the best deal. Ultimately, the purpose of product sourcing services is to locate the best items. From good suppliers, at rates acceptable enough that they allow for a significant profit margin.

Product sourcing services sounds straightforward but may be a minefield with unreliable suppliers, hidden prices, and even misrepresented or low-quality products. To keep an advantage over your competition, it is crucial to take the time to study effective product sourcing services tactics. You can do this in order to maximize your potential profit from each transaction.

Outreaching to a product sourcing services on B2B e-commerce platform is one approach to make this process much more efficient. You can achieve this by leveraging the expertise of numerous suppliers and niches.

One Simple Solution- ExpoBazaar

E-commerce platforms are greatly helping small businesses upscale their growth by halving the required effort of emerging entrepreneurs to source their merchandise in wholesale market with product sourcing services. By providing them with a wide array of products in different categories, e-commerce platforms help businesses become more versatile. ExpoBazaar is one such platform. Recognizing the enormous potential of Indian manufacturers and exporters to contribute to the nation’s progress. India Exposition Mart Limited decided to establish its subsidiary to empower businesses worldwide. They come up with an elegant collection of hand-curated merchandise. Being a B2B e-commerce platform showcasing India’s curated merchandise to markets worldwide.

Being a top ecommerce platforms in India, it enables emerging and small-scale businesses to source goods in bulk. It also providing a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities to their sellers. At present, the e-marketplace will be open for trade in both India and the North American region. They are also following its launch but plans to go global as the business advances along the course.

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Timely Order Fulfillment With Product Sourcing Services

Their strong end-to-end supply chain solutions ensure that the products reach in time and at the right place, Right sources of product for business ensures complete order fulfillment for buyers in Indian as well as in international markets. The shipping model consists of 3 elements which are:

  1. A) Ready to ship- In this model, the buyers will receive products to their country from the warehouse of ExpoBazaar in India, through ocean shipping channels.
  2. B) Ready to ship (India express)- In this model, the buyers will receive the low volume and high-value products from the seller’s warehouse directly to their country by air.
  3. C) Just in time US- In this model the buyers will receive products directly from the seller’s warehouse in the US.
  4. In-line with trends

All of ExpoBazaar’s products are hand-curated and they are the leading sources of merchandise in wholesale market. National and international businesses who will be sourcing from the platform will be less likely to face the challenges related to consumer demands. This is because the expert team at ExpoBazaar already forecasts the consumer demands, modern trends in the market. They also consider the preferences of the modern-day consumer, and quality preferences with respect to the products.

Sources of Handcrafted Merchandise in wholesale market

The global B2B wholesale marketplace offers a large variety of handcrafted products which are produced by skilled Indian artisans and manufacturers. The handicrafts featured on and are abundant with skillful Indian artistry. It also represent the skills of India’s artisans and craftspeople. In order to meet numerous aesthetic requirements of global buyers, all of the handcrafted products depict an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary styles.

The art of crafting artistic handicrafts involves processing materials by hand or with hand tools, to further form unique decorative or utility items. The materials utilized in the product may be natural, industrially processed, or recycled. The final artifacts may be curated keeping in mind the ancient and contemporary designs, or a fusion of both. When craftspeople create artwork, they transfer an area of their cultural heritage through ideas, forms, materials, and work ways. Similarly as their own values, philosophy of life, fashion, and self-image which would further give an artistic element to anyone who decides to source from the global wholesale platform.

B2B wholesale marketplace For Product sourcing Services 

Sustainable Merchandise

The online wholesale marketplace is also ideal for businesses who are implementing sustainability to their trade. Additionally, the handcrafted products are created by Indian artists using little or no electricity. Indian artisans are implementing skills and techniques inherited from India’s illustrious cultural legacy. Each product is handcrafted using sustainable methods, whether it is carving with various tools. Indian Artisans perform weaving for hours to obtain elegant designs on a piece of cloth. They also do sculpting, painting, and molding various sorts of materials to make elegant keepsakes. Sourcing new products provides the global buyers with yet another segment to choose their merchandise from as the contemporary consumer is conscious and aware.

World-Class Technology For Product Sourcing Services

Considering that the majority of consumers conduct product research online before making a purchase. ExpoBazaar’s advanced AI and SEO technologies strive to take product research one step further. The specialists at the B2B marketplace believe that machine learning will aid in forecasting buyer demands, as well as the development of effective and transparent seller-to-buyer communication.

ExpoBazaar -Product Sourcing Services 


ExpoBazaar understands the struggles of modern-day businesses and strives to solve this problem with their respective platform. It can, sometimes, be difficult to conduct research, discover the correct suppliers, and maintain a high degree of product quality. With ExpoBazaar’s ready-to-buy platform starting 30th march 2022, Indian and global buyers will not have to worry about this as the experts at the e-platform will do it for them.

Currently, the global B2B e-commerce platform spans over 15 product categories across the home, hospitality, and wellness sectors. Moreover, it is slated to officially launch on March 30, 2022, at the IHGF Delhi Fair. Small firms who adopt the global wholesale platform would be able to benefit from the premium-quality range of products. They can get benefits under the home, hospitality, and wellness segment, which would further create the groundwork for years of increased profitability.

While each e-commerce business model has its own set of demands, constraints, and strengths, they all, more or less, draw from the same pool of product sourcing services methods. Expobazaar, cracking this trick, handpicks the most suited product for businesses worldwide.

In A Nutshell

ExpoBazaar, a subsidiary of India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML) is a b2b online platform that showcases India’s artistic curated merchandise under the home, hospitality and wellness segment. It focuses on taking this age-old legacy to international markets, while also promoting them in the Indian markets. The e-platform showcases over 15 product categories and plans to add more as the business moves forwards along the course. It is being available for commerce in both India and the North American region.

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