7 benefits to using earthenware in your kitchen

7 Benefits of Using Earthenware in Your Kitchen

benefits of earthenware in your kitchen

While glazed ceramic pieces are widely available in home furnishing stores, earthen pots or clay pots by Earthenware suitable for cooking are seldom used in the kitchen.

Do you realize that our forefathers always seemed to prepare their meals in clay pots, namely clayware/earthenware? Over time, humans have indeed transitioned to different types of kitchen equipment, such as metal, bronze, iron, and aluminum, to mention a few.

Haven’t you ever considered why our ancestors cooked their meals in clay pots or used them in the kitchen? Let’s find out here.


 What is Earthen Pot – Earthenware


what is earthen pot

An earthen pot appeared as gods, and evil spirits churned the sea (Sheersagar) for the heavenly nectar (Mahamrita). This one is thought to be the initial earthen pot ever made by an artisan. Earthen pots, also widely recognized as Matkas, have become a piece of essential kitchen equipment in Indian households. They work like regular refrigeration systems. Because these pots are absorbent, the accommodated water are filtered through the pore spaces. The filters absorb the heat from the pot’s water but evaporate from the ground. It’s an ongoing procedure that maintains the pot’s surface wetness and the temperature of the water low. The greater the ambient heat, the greater the refrigerating effect.

Creating these simple earthen pots entails many steps, and despite what people think, the potter’s (who makes earthen pots) roller only aids in the beginning molding of clay.


The Soil Used for Making Pots

the soil used for making pots


The potter’s activity starts with molding the clayey soil on the potter’s wheel to achieve the desired cylinder-like structure. Next, the potter separates the molded part from the bottom using a thread, and leaves it to dry for increased sturdiness. The pot is then washed once more and shaped using a forming pad and a wooden beater. The potter pushes the shaping pad into the pot’s interior and consistently beats the outer layer with the hardwood beater, giving the pot a constant wall texture and a perfect spherical shape.

After the potter finishes shaping the clay, they decorate the finished shape using a range of colored clay, and then fire it in a kiln. The resulting pots are scrubbed and inspected for any flaws. Earthenware fired in an accessible kiln on the surface appears auburn or light brown red, whereas fragments fired in a buried or shuttered kiln look bl

7 Earthen Pot Benefits in the Kitchen

Today’s society is returning to basic and simple items, and why shouldn’t it whenever it brings a slew of advantages? Although there are multiple explanations for using clay pots, some are purely too tempting to be true. Let’s look at what makes these earthen pots among the finest cookware options for our kitchens and everyday life.


  • Pocket-friendly and available from every retailer

pocket friendly

Earthen pots or clay pots are affordable and readily available. You can bought these pots from any store, regardless of brand or place. There seem to be numerous stores and vendors who offer such earthen pot cookware in a wide range of sizes and styles at a decent cost. And when compared to the price of your contemporary labeled dinnerware, it is an absolute bargain.


  • Keeps Its Nutritional Content Intact

This represents one of the most significant advantages of using clay pots for preparing food. Scientific studies have proven that clay pots, with their pore spaces, can maintain the nutritional value of a meal at 100 percent while also controlling moisture and temperature throughout the food preparation process. Other cutlery, such as aluminum ware, has a nutritional content of only 7- 13%.

Whether you’re using a mitti ka tandoor or a simple handi being used to make a curry, the porous structure of a clay pot keeps moisture and temperature inside the pot itself, resulting in a cooked-to-perfection and flavorful dish! Furthermore, the earthy flavor and aroma are unrivaled!


  • Prevents Bacteria

A government research facility’s experimental results demonstrated that a meal (lentil) boiled in a clay pot managed to live a 36-hour non-air-conditioned train trip on a warm day without losing nutritional value. Because clay prevents the proliferation of certain kinds of microorganisms, its kitchen equipment creates a barrier to bacteria, restricting them from messing up your meals.

  • It Maintains the Water’s Temperature

clay bottles

Users can store Tap water in clay bottles of water, and because clay includes additional mineral deposits, it will intuitively be incorporated into your liquid. The accessible pores of clay bottles enable evaporative cooling, allowing the water to cool naturally. The benefits of Matka water include aiding in the prevention of ailments such as common colds, coughs, and sinus infections.


  • It Is Alkaline in Nature

Most of what we chew turns alkaline in the stomach and produces toxic compounds. Clay is naturally alkaline, so it engages with spicy foods to maintain a healthy pH balance. Using earthen pots in cooking can prevent alkalinity and gastric-related issues from occurring.


  • Increases Metabolism

Because water preserved in a clay pot contains no toxins, consuming clay pot water daily can boost the immune system. Because of the mineral resources in water, this can aid digestion.


  • And Yes, They are Also Environmentally Friendly

enviornmental friendly

Enameled earthen pots retain a great deal of potential for the climate and are good for meals.


So, Try Using Clay Pots Instead of Fancy Cookware to Avail Benefits

try using pots instead of fancy kitchenware

It may not be easy to find unglazed earthenware items, but it is possible. To cook with clay pots, avoid buying glossy or decorative ones and opt for unglazed earthenware instead. By making this switch, you can enjoy the benefits of using clay pots for cooking, just as people did in ancient times.

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