Wall Art Décor: Refurbishing Modern Homes

Thinking about redesigning your interior and creating a new look for your home? Start renovating your walls with fantastic wall art décor. Walls are the first thing which attracts people and bring out the owner’s personality and taste for décor. If you’re ready to turn those bare walls into stylish centerpieces, this blog will help you to amp up your home effortlessly.

We are here with some creative wall art tips to help you bring out your taste on your walls and increase their style value.

Brighten-up living room wall 

The walls inside the house represent the personality of a particular individual. It is like a canvas on which one can display their interests, whether bibliophiles, art collectors, fashionistas, or minimalists. Furthermore, there are many ways and designs to make a blank wall look eye-catching. Here are some ideas for designing a wall. 

Large Artwork

Consider hanging a large painting or artwork if you want to draw attention to your living room. As one of the best large wall décor ideas for the living room, you can choose an abstract painting or a minimalistic black-and-white photograph to add an aesthetic touch. 

Use the Vertical Space

To give a modern wall art look, you can add character to your blank walls with floating bookshelves, regardless of whether you’re a bibliophile. Additionally, it adds a sense of culture and taste to your home. 

Add a Personalized Gallery

Create a wooden wall art gallery with pictures, and the wooden walls take on a quirky personality. Also, Garnish with photographs, framed art posters, paintings, or wall hangings. Having the entire wall covered creates a feeling of expansiveness and continuity.

Accentuate the walls with wallpaper

Are you looking for something simple and classy? In minutes, liven up a room with wallpaper on a statement wall. The best accent wall idea for living rooms is this one. It works amazingly well for small living rooms.

Antique as wall décor 

Brass sculptures make unique wall décor and quickly transform a dull living room into a masterpiece. To get a refreshing vibe, pick a colour palette that is soothing and relates to the living room’s theme. 

wall mirrors

Hang a mirror

Any space can be made more beautiful with mirrors. They reflect light, making your living room appear larger than it is. Furthermore, there is no limit to the shape or size of mirrors, and they can still enhance the aesthetics of your space by making the wall stand out more than the other walls.

The wall décor in your bedroom is one of the most underrated aspects of the design. Hence, how you decorate it can affect not only its appearance but also the mood it evokes. Here are some ideas for adding individual flair:

Use different tones of wall colour

It is possible to paint the bedroom in different shades if you have the budget. To make the ceiling appear taller, use one bright and one dark hue on the same wall.

printed plates

Printed wall hanging plates

Hang printed plates on the walls to create an aesthetic look. Additionally, it is one of the rare decors that is to be found fascinating by people who have an interest in collecting different types of plates and their designs.

How to Decorate the Walls of a Staircase

Add a gallery wall

Adding décor to the stairway is a beautiful idea. Decorate it with children’s artwork, family photos, mirrors, or favourite prints; it is easy to add décor. 

Use large artwork

Large artwork is a great way to cover the stairway from wall to ceiling. Although a gallery wall may look cluttered sometimes, this ensures it adds to the beauty without being cluttered. 

Add tapestry

This display will look beautiful against the stairway wall if a person has spiritual beliefs and wants to create a positive environment. 


If an individual has an interest in collecting rare items, decorate the stairway with them. The items can also be antique plates, baskets, or bread paddles arranged pleasingly.

Balcony Wall Ideas

Use a bright paint

Adding colour and texture to your statement wall is easy with bright colour paint. Make it more impactful by using contrasting furnishings. 

Use wall planters

Every balcony needs plants, and they don’t need to be on the floor, especially if there is little space. Additionally, mount your plant pots on the wall using planters or brackets. 

Add wall shelves

Choose shelves instead of planters if you want more flexibility. They can still be used for plants and moved quickly. 


It is another way to decorate the walls with plants. Money plants support climbing up and spreading across walls when used as climbers. 

Artificial grass cladding

Artificial grass creates the illusion of making a green wall. You can also use it to cover the wall or a part of it completely. 

How to get the right masterpiece for an artwork?

Choosing the right size is important: Just as one cannot look flattering in an unflattering outfit, so can an artwork that is too large or too small. Before you look for a painting, measure the dimensions of your wall. Also, make sure the artwork size is at most 2/3rds of the size of the furniture it will be placed above or around (a sofa or console).  

Usually, representational art represents actual subjects from reality in a realistic manner. Realism, Impressionism, Idealism, and Stylisation are usually subcategories of this art form. Additionally, the artist in Realism usually creates a genuine and realistic depiction of the subject. In Impressionism, the artist creates an impression of the issue with small, thin, visible brush strokes. Moreover, light is captured right here, and the image is depicted artfully to capture the essence of the moment. A stylised version of an actual object is an example of idealisation, whereas an idealised version of the same object is referred to as idealisation.

Abstract Art 

The concept of abstract art is that it takes subjects from reality and presents them in a way that is different from the way we view them in reality. To transform the subject, artists usually use lines, shapes, and colors. It’s fun to view abstract art since it leaves so much to the imagination and allows the viewer to interpret it in his own way, or simply leaves the viewer in the dark about what the artist was thinking. A subcategory of abstract art is minimalism, while a subcategory is cubism. A minimalist style of art eliminates unnecessary elements, while Cubism reduces natural forms to their geometric equivalents in order to create abstract forms.

After reading these décor ideas, you can quickly spruce up your living room’s look, balcony walls and staircase. Attractive designs will create positive vibes and aura. 

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