15 ways to style your throws with your home décor

Home décor or home furnishings are all nothing but an expression of our persona. We decorate our homes based on our overview, perception, and perspective of life; and through the keepsakes, furnishings, or other decorative accents, we also project these onto our homes. Because it’s our home, our safe haven, and a place where we feel the most ‘us’. In line with this thought, let’s talk throws. In case you’re wondering we’re not talking about throwing something! We’re talking about the home furnishing pieces.

Additionally, many of us have seen them in magazines, markets, or in homes of a friend, but when we buy one for ourselves, it sometimes happens that we are unable to match it with the setting of our furniture, or with the rest of our home furnishings. This type of ‘décor dilemma’ is not an uncommon one, and it can also easily be resolved by a little bit of research or by just reading this blog ahead.
So let us discuss some of the ways that designers swear by to style the elegant snuggly pieces for your home and ‘throw’ your dilemma out of the window.

1. Sofa or chair seats – Home décor –

They can become dirty over time and using your throws to drape them over your seats not only looks more fashionable but also gives your throws a functional approach. On cushions, use a blanket as a protective barrier. Moreover, if you have pets who like to sit on your furniture, this is an excellent method for keeping pet hair off the seats.

Protect chair seat cushions
2. Use as a headboard throw in Home décor 

A headboard is the stool that sits next to your bed in front of it. Moreover, combining your throw with a furniture accent creates a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. Drape a bright print throw over an upholstered headboard for a fresh look. Velcro also holds it in place.

Use as a headboard throw

3. Make a vibrant back cushion with Home décor Ideas-

We all have a boring chair just resting somewhere in the corner of our room and it could really use a makeover. Additionally, draping a colourful patterned throw can really make It look more live and give it that enhanced appeal. Additionally, this is also an excellent way to add colour to a neutral chair. Drape a throw or two over the chair after folding it lengthwise. Moreover, tuck it behind the seat cushion to keep it in place.

Make a vibrant back cushion

4. Waiter style, over-the-arm –

 A simple and quick method to throw your throw! Furthermore, this trick is also ideal when you’re out of time for décor preparation and have guests standing right outside the door. Moreover, folding a thin throw lengthwise and draped over the arm is one of the simplest methods to drape a throw. Fold it in half if it is too long after folding it lengthwise.

Waiter style, over-the-arm
5. Make a loose cascade with Home décor –

 This is almost like an accessory for your chair. Drape your throw over the back of a high-back chair’s right or left side. Don’t be concerned about how it falls; it will seem warm and cosy. Additionally, choose a throw with fringed edges so that it looks soft as it approaches the back leg.

Make a loose cascade.
6. Create warmth in the guest room with Home décor –

You must’ve seen this one in hotel rooms where the throws are tucked in the corners of the bed. Well, it’s true what they say, you also learn from your experiences. Create a hotel room ambience using this trick for your guest’s room. Also add a throw to make plain beds look more personal. Simply fold it lengthwise and drape it across the bed’s end.

6. Create warmth in the guest room.
7. Increase the contrast-

Contrasting colours that have been set in coordination are usually eye catchy. Additionally, a throw adds personality to twin beds. Add a patterned throw to solid bedding for a colourful touch. If you have patterned bedding, use a solid throw to draw out a specific colour.

Increase the contrast.
8. Add warmth to a large bed – Home décor –

Don’t be too afraid to go extra with your throws for large beds. Furthermore, more layers make the bed seem more comfy and makes on simply melt in the bed’s comfortable setting. Consider using a deep brown throw blanket on a king bed with light bedding. It will also make the huge bed feel more comfortable.

add warmth to a large bed.

9. Avoid folding the fur throw –

The benefit of wearing something as luxurious as (fake) fur is that it looks better untidy! Don’t try folding it because it’s too thick. Simply drape it over the corner of your sofa and tuck it in here and there. It will look ecstatic the way it is!

Avoid folding the fur throw.

10. A lot of fur equals a lot of warmth in the bedroom –

 It is a big misconception that fur is only for the celebrities, and it is not possible for ordinary human beings to enjoy the luxury. A large fur throw thrown across your bed will add Hollywood elegance. Feel like a celebrity with silky sheets! Moreover, make sure that your throw is wider than your bed. This is also applicable to smaller fur throws. Simply place it at the foot of the bed.

A lot of fur equals a lot of warmth in the bedroom.

11. Outdoor opulence –

This is the ideal weather for cuddling outside. Also, if you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or a large gathering at night, hold it outside while the weather is still nice. Drape faux fur throws over the furniture to create a cosy atmosphere and also light the candles.

Folds in the corner-

12. Folds in the corner-

Fold your throw lengthwise, then in half, and angle it on the corner of the edge of your seat cushion for chaise lounges. Thin blankets are also preferable for this.

Outdoor opulence

13.Pull it up –

Throws do not have to be kept at the foot of your bed. Furthermore, if you have a large throw, pull it three quarters of the way up the bed to give warmth and intrigue.

Pull it up

14. Drapes for the floating sofa Drape your sofa with a throw so that it looks lovely from both sides –

Fold it lengthwise and drape it to the right, left, or down the centre. Try putting a throw pillow in front of it since it also looks more complete when the wrinkle is hidden.

Tight-back sofa throw style.
15. Tight-back sofa throw style –

Spread a thin throw across the back of a tight-back sofa. Because there are no separate back pillows to burrow into on this sort of sofa, the throw will also keep its shape better.

Home décor

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