A pathway to success for Indian traders: ExpoBazaar at the IHGF Delhi Fair


India is known worldwide for its magnificent and massive fairs. From book exhibitions that hold the words of India’s renowned poets and authors, Indian traders showcase the country’s rich cultural diversity through various art forms at fairs, to fashion and jewelry exhibitions that are crafted with unique Indian design elements in the crafter’s mind. The Indian fairs are like beautiful painting that represents many of the nation’s colorful aspects. Like a beautifully and intricately embroidered phulkari in which every thread woven tells a story. Much like these artworks, these fairs have a story that is writing itself every 2 meters.

Indian Traders World – Handicrafts and Gifts

The Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair Delhi was one such event. Abundant with India’s proudest treasures, the IHGF Delhi Fair exhibited crafts of over 2.5K exhibitors hailing from different parts of India. However, the factor that makes the 53rd IHGF Delhi fair different from the previous ones is the launch of the B2B online platform ExpoBazaar.

Launched on the first day of the Fair i.e. on 30th March 2022, the B2B trade portal will be showcasing India’s hand-curated merchandise and Indian Handicrafts in USA and global markets. The e-platform is a subsidiary of India Exposition Mart which has an extensive experience in the field of marketing. Moreover, they are hosting India’s major B2B trade shows and conferences, one of which is the IHGF Delhi Fair.

Traders world

ExpoBazaar had its booths set up at 4 prime locations of the venue and each of its team members was assigned different kiosks. The agenda of these booths were to provide the Indian traders world with the right information about the platform. They bring the true potential of their business to global markets.

Many of the HGH fair exhibitors who were approached by the representatives of ExpoBazaar gave a positive response as they found it to be a beneficial medium for their businesses. Some of the existing seller partners of the B2B e-commerce platform were also showcasing their handcraft Indian products at the fair namely Nodi Exports, Vikas Exports, Basant, India Expo Mart, HGH India and many more. A significant amount of people have onboarded as new seller partners and Indian Traders world with the e-marketplace during the fair. They will soon start showcasing their merchandise to global markets with the help of ExpoBazaar.

What’s in For The Sellers in Traders World?

With the digital platform, Indian traders world and sellers from all parts of India can now begin showcasing their merchandise to global independent businesses. Since ExpoBazaar is a B2B platform, compared to the B2C platform it will be much more profitable for the sellers and traders in India who will be showcasing their products.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, who is the man behind the global venture, has an aim to provide the Indian sellers with a platform that would not only showcase their products to markets worldwide but also provide them with complete handholding. This means that the sellers will be guided and assisted at every step starting from the warehousing to fulfillment of the products. Unlike the competitors of the marketplace, the e-marketplace ensures that the warehouses have no deadstock. Additionally, all the buyers on the platform will be verified, which will reduce order cancellations as well as returns.

The platform has opened to Northern American markets on Wednesday and is slated to launch in Australia and Europe later this year. Being under works for the last year during which ExpoBazaar reached out to small-scale artisans and handicraft manufacturers through our existing networks. The expert team has curated each of the products such as home textiles home decor and houseware and gifts in accordance with international standards to make sure that buyers get the best quality products that resonate with the current demand in the markets.

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Why Should Buyers Sign Up in  Traders World?

Along with Traders world and sellers, the platform is a great medium to achieve success even for global buyers. Providing an exquisite assortment of products under the home, hospitality, and wellness segment, the e-marketplace ensures buyers have numerous options to choose from. This Handicraft Indian market further makes their business more versatile, increasing and catering to consumer demands.

Additionally, being a B2B e-commerce platform showcasing India’s curated merchandise to markets worldwide, the e-platform enables emerging and small-scale businesses to source goods in bulk. Their strong end-to-end supply chain solutions ensure that the products reach in time and at the right place, ensuring complete order fulfillment for buyers in Indian as well as in international markets. Since the products are curated for the respective markets, they don’t have to worry about the merchandise is in line with trends.

Traders World – Why ExpoBazaar

All of ExpoBazaar’s products are hand-curated, national and international businesses who will be sourcing from the platform will be less likely to face the challenges related to consumer demands. This is because the expert team at ExpoBazaar already forecasts the consumer demands, modern trends in the market, preferences of the modern-day consumer. Also, quality preferences with respect to the products.

Not only this, but the online wholesale marketplace is also ideal for businesses who are implementing sustainability to their trade as the handcrafted products are created by Indian artists using little or no electricity, implementing skills and techniques inherited from India’s illustrious cultural legacy. This provides the global buyers with yet another segment to choose their merchandise from as the contemporary consumer is conscious and aware.

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Lastly, the e-platform also showcases handcrafted merchandise crafted by India’s skilled and talented artisans. The handicrafts featured on expobazaar.com and expobazaar.in are abundant with skillful Indian artistry and represent the skills of India’s artisans and craftspeople. In order to meet numerous aesthetic requirements of global buyers, all of the handcrafted products depict an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary styles. This would further give an artistic element to any business such as institutional buyers and interior that decides to source from the global.


ExpoBazaar, a subsidiary of India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML) is a b2b online platform that showcases India’s artistic curated merchandise under the home, hospitality and wellness segment, focuses on taking this age-old legacy to international markets, while also promoting them in the Indian markets. The e-platform showcases over 15 product categories and plans to add more as the business moves forwards along the course, being available for commerce in both India and the North American region.

P.S. – https://blog.expobazaar.com/we-make-wholesale-a-whole-lot-better/


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