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You don’t have to be living in a mansion with ten bedrooms to prepare your living space in accordance with the contemporary trends. You can refresh the feel of even a two-bedroom set by adding a little bit of warmth, color, and comfort with the funky home decor trends. Don’t know how to give your home- sweet-home a tasteful makeover? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place, for we will tell you everything about being in sync with the ongoing funky home decor trends and wrap your home in color and style this fall season.

Nature’s calling!

Nature's calling!

You should choose the colors that make you feel mentally and emotionally at ease. And what is better than a combination of timeless neutrals and invigorating shades of Brown!

Oh, yes, the 1970s décor is back in fashion, and you should not wait another minute. Because you can swathe your funky home decor in a perfect backdrop of striking terracotta or earthy Brown.

The year asks us to take a deep dive into nature’s palette. Nothing makes it more consummate than a tried-and-true splash of Green and Brown hues. So, now you know that everything inspired by mother nature, be it foresty Greens or tropical hues. As well as ocean blue and earthen tones, can envelop your funky home decor in a comfortable vibe.

All things holistic

funky home decor

The past two years have taught us a lot about keeping an optimistic eye towards life. Building a connection with nature can also only bring us closer to the holistic way of living, thereby inculcating positivity into our daily lives.

In terms of home décor, it means accommodating our living space with more organic surfaces like marble and terracotta. Also, traditional elements of Feng Shui and works of art displaying floral and faunal motifs, etc.

Everything from rustic-chic stones and table accents, to rocks and paintings covered in bounty of nature, to healing crystals, to classy, also marble dinner wares. As well as and botanical-print wallpaper revamp the ambiance of your home and convert it into a holistic habitat.

Funky Home Decor Design – Curvy designs over angular

Curvy designs over angular

Ever wonder why your brain prefers everything crafted with curves over the angular ones? Not only do curved objects and surfaces offer higher aesthetic value, but also enhance our visceral pleasure. While thinking of new seating options for your living room, you can consider going curvy. Because it also has been proven soothing to your body and brain, and welcoming for your guests.

From adding subtle curves here and there in the form of puddle-shaped mirrors and table lamps, to scallop-designed chairs and curved-edged side tables, you can shape your home into an artistic form.

We, at ExpoBazaar, have got some trend-setting curvy décor pieces, nesting tables, kitchenware, and accents. Click here to check them out!

Sustainable living

Sustainable living
We human beings are innately biophilic, and it is also high time that we look into our moral conscience and make some lifestyle changes in the favor of our nature.

For home, it means adding more of our leafy friends indoors and outdoors, using architectural materials. It allow the penetration of natural light, and use of sustainably-sourced fabrics. Such as organic hemp, cotton, rattan wood, jute, raffia, etc.

These elements of nature, when made a part of our funky home decor, prove aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and renewing to Mother Earth. Moreover, the home furnishing range of ExpoBazaar has jute-crafted rugs. Additionally, They can be your first step in the continual process of reaching sustainability.

Funky Home Decor – Multi-functional rooms

Home Décor

The pandemic has taught us all sort of wizardry when it comes to sharing our living space with our loved ones. For example, in the times of need, we also bought multipurpose furniture; ate, slept and worked from the same room of our home.

This year, too, minimalism has made a triumphant comeback because it has been rightly said, “less is more”. Furthermore, you just need a divider screen or a different color of paint on one wall of your favorite room to add versatility to its functionality.

Do you want to use your bedroom for home office? Just add a multifunctional storage closet that can also convertible into a tabletop!. Additionally, you can add multi-use furniture to your guest room, so that a sofa, when needed, becomes a snuggly bed and gives you a good night’s sleep.

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