Demand of Sustainable Ecommerce Platforms

The Growing Need & Demand for Sustainable Ecommerce

The amalgamation of sustainability in every eCommerce business model from understanding the dynamics of customers’ demands, and packaging, to even delivering products & services can make the business look “more climate-friendly “and less “profit-making”. It means having a sustainable eCommerce Platforms approach can address minor to major issues like energy efficiency, managing waste ethically, corporate responsibility, etc. As the eCommerce industry is burgeoning unapologetically like wildfire, there is an urgent need for environmental sustainability at every level. But, the question is why there is a sudden need for sustainability in eCommerce platforms. Here’s why?

Before moving forward, let’s first understand what sustainability is all about.

What is Sustainable Ecommerce Platforms or Sustainability?

In simple terms, sustainability is all about making the global ecological balance a top priority as well as laying a long-term foundation without misusing or even wasting our natural resources.

In this age of monumental transformation, having solid sustainable development goals can not only reduce the impact on our people and the planet but also prioritize the needs of our coming future generations.

However, some experts define sustainable ecommerce as the practice or methodology for thoughtfully tackling the challenges of new-age customers while also making the balance between social, economic, and of course environment.

Today, companies whether new or existing especially eCommerce industry need to focus on offering sustainable ecommerce products and also explore ways to:

  • Produce no or less pollution
  • Lessen the negative impact on our planet
  • Give preference to greener choices
  • Think about dodging the use of chemical substances during the manufacturing and distribution process

Sustainable E-commerce Platforms or Business: Does It Really Matters?


sustainable business/ ecommerce

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With excessive plastic wrapping or packaging waste, vehicle emissions for delivering goods, and an exponential number of customer returns are only destined for landfills. This seems like the digital retail world has taken a drastic toll on the environmental and economic sustainability agenda.

To conclude:

  • It is projected that around 1.15 million to even 2.41 million tonnes of plastic end up in our rivers and ocean every year.
  • In addition, more than 80000 tons of waste is still floating and lying across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). Which weighs equivalent to 500 jet planes.

As the eCommerce market gains momentum, so does it have a negative impact on the environment if not taken seriously.

Now organizations that incorporate sustainable ecommerce practices in their marketing strategies, including minimizing the carbon footprints as well as integrating environmentally methodologies, are expanding rapidly and establishing a loyal clientele base as people are caring more about the environment.

Nowadays, customers are also relying on only those sustainable eCommerce platforms and companies that have taken the initiative to lessen the environmental impact.

As a direct consequence, businesses that implement green policies like water consumption, waste disposal, and energy consumption through some kind of strong, long-term mission, as well as institutional setting, can have a positive impact on the customers. 

Not only this, but it also naturally promotes economic development and is pivotal in elevating societal values through employment generation, financing, and technological advancements.

Is Opting for a Sustainable eCommerce Platforms Lifestyle Possible?

The straight answer is Yes. It is indeed possible not only for the eCommerce sector but also for textile, hospitality, and banking businesses to go for environmental sustainability. See how?

Whether you choose to start small or take it all in. Here are the things you can do for making your businesses look sustainable.

Begin With Minimizing the Packaging Waste First


minimizing packaging waste first

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It is high time to think about dodging plastic packaging waste and then adopt plastic-free alternatives and recycled materials. Better switch to cardboard-like packaging, make good use of canvas bags, glass jars, hemp papers, etc. that are both reusable and recyclable at the same time. This will dramatically reduce waste and foster a more environmentally friendly customer experience. Furthermore, these packages can further be utilized for storage purposes by prospective consumers.

Make, Highlight & Support More Eco-Friendly Products


support eco-friendly products

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It will heavily rely on what kind of products you are currently selling including giving importance to sustainability-focused product lines. Since there’s a thriving market for environmentally conscious customers, it gives the right opportunity for emerging startups to boost sales along with strengthening the customer base. This could include offering more environmentally responsible alternatives to new eco friendly products. Or coming up with solutions that enable individuals along with future generations to live a truly sustainable life.

 Enforce Environmentally Friendly Shipping Methods With Sustainable Ecommerce Platforms


Sustainable eCommerce Platforms

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Sustainable ecommerce shipping has recently gained recognition across the world. If you intend to be ecologically sound, you must start exploring this topic. You could also experiment with environmentally friendly shipping methods. You can deliver your merchandise using USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx, UPS, DHL, and any other firm that offers environmentally friendly delivery options. Before blindly picking your shipping-related service provider. It is a good idea to always take a thorough look at the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract to avoid any disputes.

Cut Down Big on Energy Waste


Cut Down Big on Energy Waste

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No matter the size and shape of the business, a sustainable development approach needs to be implemented at every level. Not just restricted or confined to just one department. Discovering efficiencies and lowering energy waste tells a lot about your business. How your business is taking a step forward in becoming socially responsible. Be it seeking ways to reduce wastages in the workplace, uncovering renewable resources to save, limiting transportation whenever as well as wherever possible, and a lot more.

Using biodegradable and compostable power sources in storage facilities is another efficient way to cut inefficiencies. Leveraging the power of solar panels including other-related reusable power sources can assist you in lowering your environmental impact. Whilst also end up giving you access to more worthwhile yet effective renewable sources of energy.

So, Is Your Business Ready for a Sustainable Living Strategy?


sustainable living energy

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The future of our planet lies in our hands and actions we are taking. Now, businesses must think out of the box by social sustainability methodologies to bring a positive change. This will ease out the impact on our environment, cut unnecessary costs. And most importantly make people realize the importance of buying sustainable products or materials.

“Going Sustainable” and “Caring for Our Planet ” can benefit businesses, people and give a sustainable success in economic growth.

Therefore, try reanalyzing, revamping and regulating the contemporary-looking sustainable techniques to meet changing customer expectations as well as the future.

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