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Contrary to popular belief, starting a small independent firm is not easy. You want to prevent as many mistakes as possible along the way. You need to make sure that your losses do not exceed your revenues, and always use the ideal wholesale markets for product sourcing. It can, sometimes, be difficult to conduct research, discover the correct suppliers, and maintain a high degree of product quality of artistic handicrafts.

While each e-commerce business model has its own set of demands, constraints, and strengths, they all, more or less, draw from the same pool of product sourcing methods. The trick is determining which ones are most suited to your specific brand. To be successful, you must have a good product sourcing strategy.

Understanding The Product Sourcing of Artistic Handicrafts

Finding a product to sell online is no longer a complicated process. However, to source the best wholesale Artistic Handicrafts for your trade, you must still explore new territory. There are numerous product sourcing strategies and advantages of B2B e Commerce. To prevent becoming overwhelmed, you need to select the best method or try several and maintain a well-structured research effort.

Simply put, product sourcing is the process of identifying products to sell. It entails locating trusted suppliers to purchase high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Product sourcing includes researching, calculating prices and costs, negotiating with suppliers, and the methods utilized for each. The purpose of product sourcing is to discover the most excellent products for your store at the lowest possible price, with the highest reasonable mark-up.

That is where skill comes into play. It gives your business advantage if you educate yourself on effective product sourcing tactics. Moreover, it increases your ability to buy things at reasonable pricing. You can undercut your competitor’s sales and still profit if you find the identical, best-selling product at a lower price. If you can find your best-selling products for a lower price, you may keep your online price the same while increasing your profit per sale.

Of course, they are not talents that can be learned, as any firm or handicrafts wholesaler learns through trial and error. However, if you understand the fundamentals, the entire product sourcing process becomes more manageable.

Artistic Handicrafts

How To Source Artistic Handicrafts With ExpoBazaar

ExpoBazaar is a streamlined digital channel providing global independent retailers or handicraft exporter with an ideal platform for sourcing hand-curated artistic Handicrafts. The digital platform is a B2B wholesale marketplace that features over 15 product categories. The products range from from home furnishings, home décor, kitchen and dining, lighting, eco-friendly products, and more. Additionally, the wholesale platform is backed by India Expo Mart Limited. It is one of the frontrunners in marketing and holding major B2B conferences, seminars, and trade shows. The old modern handicrafts has now entered the world of e-commerce through ExpoBazaar. The digital wholesale platform provides high-quality products enriched with skilled Indian artistry to small independent businesses.

Being a B2B marketplace, it is ideal not just for buyers but also for Indian sellers. The online market also provides a platform for Indian artisans, manufacturers, handicrafts wholesaler, and goods suppliers to reach foreign markets with just a few clicks, making it just the kind of sourcing and selling platform businesses require.

Registered businesses need to sign up, follow the steps, and explore the vast array of India curated artistic Handicrafts showcased on the website to source from the online sourcing platform.

In A Nutshell

There is no such thing as a superior alternative, but the best-suited choice. As an independent business, you must analyse all of the available options and stick to the one that works out for your business- and you. There are several aspects to consider while looking at an ideal marketplace for product sourcing. Such as the types of products, the minimum order quantity (MOQ), and the products’ affordability.

ExpoBazaar, a subsidiary of India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML) is a b2b online platform that showcases India’s Artistic Handicrafts under the home, hospitality and wellness segment. It focuses on taking this age-old legacy to international markets, while also promoting them in the Indian markets. The e-platform showcases over 15 product categories and plans to add more as the business moves forwards along the course. It is available for commerce in both India and the North American region.

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