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Infusing Good Energy, Balance & Harmony Using Feng Shui

Is your newly renovated home lacking some good energy? Do you need subtle balance in your life? Are you feeling disconnected for no reason? Well, Feng Shui is the perfect solution that can help you overcome if not all but some of your life’s obstacles.

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, feng shui alone allows the energy to circulate more smoothly, resulting in making the atmosphere feel more peaceful, positive, and balanced at the same time. As interior design whether in the home or office has become a rage, finding peace has become a growing or only major concern for many. Rather than beautifying or accentuating the look of every room, people are actively turning to a practical approach to feng shui to find the missing pieces of both harmony and balance that they have lost. Having said that, let’s now dive straight in to learn more about feng shui definition, its uses as well as various elements.

What is Feng Shui?

feng shui

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Originating first in China more than 3,000 (thousand) years ago, Feng Shui is a primitive art as well as science form that talks more about the flowing of energy. 

The metaphorical translations of “Feng” meaning “wind” and “Shui” meaning “water” respectively.

In Chinese culture, both wind and water resemble good health, positivity, and balanced life. 

As a direct consequence, the term feng shui is all about seeking “good blessings”, “good fortune”, and “good luck”.

In simple terms, Feng Shui is an art form but with a modern outlook, a realistic approach brings only good vibes into your life while making your life’s darker events look less painful.

The Basic Rules of Feng Shui

The principles of feng shui greatly influence the planning process and architectural styles, but their most obvious approach lies in optimizing a home’s flow of energy.

When trying to implement feng shui in one’s home office, there are a number of regulations (somewhat like standards) to perform. To enforce the rules, you must first start creating your feng shui chart for your home.

Bagua Map

The Bagua Map is one of the most useful yet effective feng shui tools for determining the eight major categories or components of your life’s energy present within your physical environments. There are straightforward methods for incorporating the map and boosting the energy in every corner of your room or house.

Seeking the Elements of Feng Shui

Feng shui divides the universe into five major elements:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Water

Every Element has its distinctive look, and colors, as well as a set of qualities. Feng Shui home and workspace advancements complement each of the following components in your living space.

The Commanding Position

Knowing the commanding position can assist you in taking full control of your space. It’s critical to determine the largest pieces of your room’s furniture and select the best or perfect leading position in the overall design. For instance, if you’re applying all such feng shui fundamentals to build your sitting room, position the couches against a wall that faces the entrance implicitly.

Don’t Skip Yin and Yang

Practically speaking, both yin and yang are a sheer combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Yin directly symbolizes passive energy, such as relaxing colors or soothing voices or sounds. On the other hand, yang signifies active energy, such as vibrant or bold colors and tall trees. Both sources of energy are inevitable since they cannot occur simultaneously. For instance, if you intend to use your passive living space, try bringing the right balance with the yang energy by using some lampshades.

The Must-Have Feng Shui Items You Should Buy for Home or Office

Here, we have listed some of the top-rated feng shui products that you buy right away for getting all the positive energy, luck, and prosperity within your home or office.

  •  Feng Shui Plants  

feng shui plants

source link: pexels

If you wish for more and more fortune in your life, then the feng shui plants can work in your favor. Try picking bamboo Vastu plants as they are meant to provide all positive energy inside your home and are also able to survive in almost every light condition. 

  • Wind Chimes Vastu

chinese vastu

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When it comes to naturally enhancing the look of your home, the Wind Chimes Vastu can serve you more than just one purpose. It is a perfect home remedy that magically disperses its magical sound across your space. Just think of buying metal-based or geometric wood feng shui chimes to overcome or lessen your financial crisis. 

  • Feng Shui Tortois

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The Feng Shui Tortoise is all about making your life look happier and longer. It is an outstanding accessory for any home. This worthy feng shui tortoise is built using useful materials like resins, glass, metals, mud, crystals, and wood. To get the most for this feng shui item, you must place it strategically throughout your businesses. Or homes specific locations to foster good health, wealth, and fortune.

  • Laughing Buddha Feng Shui 


laughing buddha feng shui

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Laughing Buddha is unquestionably the most known yet most-sold feng shui product of all time. It is believed to not only bring a lot of good luck but also happiness. Keep in mind that you will always keep this item at the top either on the table. Or elsewhere facing only the main entrance or door.

  • Feng Shui Bracelets


feng shui bracelets

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Having a feng shui bracelet with an evil eye is considered the most thoughtful gift. No matter whether you are just looking for a way to ward off weird evil energies. Or just in need to minimize your negative energy, this could magically do the spell with amazing results.

Learn the Proper Use of Feng Shui Before Anything!

Source Link: pexels

Everything you see, move, and feel in that ever-changing universe is driven by some kind of force called “ENERGY”. From your life’s circular motion to every piece of earth, we are nothing but destructive yet manipulative energy forces whether positive or negative. 

Moreover, the infusion of the Chinese concept of feng shui enables us to make a difference between good and bad energy. And how we can incorporate that energy to make our life better. 

If misguided, you better look for the right feng shui expert or consultant that can optimize your health, family, relationships. And even community energy in the right direction.

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