Six simple ways to prepare your home for a toddler


By the time your baby is two years old, you realize that taking care of a human life is not a leisurely stroll. In addition to keeping toodles and friends entertained during the large part of the day, you need to make an extra bed, set up the baby-safe furniture for them to get comfortable on, and much more. 


Once you enter parenthood, your life changes forever. As you bring your infant home swaddled in a blanket like a burrito, you blink and suddenly they are attempting to break free from it.

Quick as a flash, they are half a year old and start to whine and cling to your leg, asking for all your attention. Even when you give most of your time and attention to your baby. Then try involving them in any of the tasks and games, they feel bored in no time. A toodles and friends has an average attention span of only four to six minutes.

You Don’t Have To Do Everything Alone!

toodles and friends

By the time your toodles and friends is two years old, you realize that taking care of a human life is not a leisurely stroll. You need to keep them entertained during the large part of the day, make them an extra bed, set up baby-safe furniture, etc.

It would be better if you do not have to do it alone. Therefore, we have put together a guide to make it all a tad easier for you. We know that keeping a young one entertained is not a child’s play.

Well- Made, Learning Toys For Toodles and Friends

well made, learning toys

You also know that your child is developing fast in their tiny body and learning quickly using that walnut-sized brain. So why not buy them toys that keep them entertained and help them learn simultaneously. Your child wants to do more than just sleep and cuddle now that they are growing up!

When your little bundle of joy starts to reach out for things. The first toy you can get is a combination of a playmat and baby gym. Playmat helps your baby to lie down on their back and stroll a little on their sides while reaching for the toys hanging from the baby gym.

You can get them aesthetically pleasing playmats and gyms to help develop their motor skills. Playmat gives a clean surface for your child to lay, play, and crawl. The baby gym helps stimulate their vision and hand-eye coordination.

Blocks and Puzzles in Different Colors for Toodles and Friends

blocks and puzzles

Once you start with the above, your next go-to can be a set of blocks and puzzles to assist them learn and distinguish between different shapes and colors. ABC flashcards and other single-player games aid your little one in learning. Moreover, It helps in reaching a significant milestone before they start kindergarten.

While making a purchase, make sure to read the warning labels. Remember that the toys you buy are baby-safe and do not have any small parts or potential hazards.

Comfiest Bedding for Sound Sleep

comfiest bedding

The age between six months and two years is when your child craves sleep the most, before reaching adulthood. The key to giving your child a strong bedtime is comfortable bedding. Once your child reaches the age of two years, you need to switch from a crib to a bed.

A toodles and friends bed, an organic muslin, flannel, or bamboo cotton fabricated bedsheet, and a snuggly blanket. These all can go a long way in giving them an uninterrupted sleep.

Plushie Pillows


Don’t forget to throw in some plushie pillows with their bedding. A good baby pillow helps your child play and get cozy. You can also get a U-shaped pillow to prevent your kid from getting a flat head.

At ExpoBazaar, we have a whole range of cottony, machine-washable baby blankets to give your child a good night’s sleep. You might also want to pair them with our hand-curated baby pillows that are best for stroller naps.

Imagination Admixed Furniture for Toodles and Friends

imagination admixed furniture

Getting your child’s room ready is an art that needs to be perfected. Setting up a space for your little one requires incorporating their character, personality, humor, interests, and imagination, in balanced proportions.

A toodles and friends room needs to be put together with multi-functional furniture so that they learn, sleep, and play in the same place. A well-designed, intelligently-furnished area can help them learn and participate in various innovative activities.

The choice of serene colors combined with geometric patterns is the best concoction of play and practical for your child to expand their imagination.

But First, Safety

but first, safety

When selecting furniture for your toodles and friends well-appointed room, prioritize safety by opting for baby-safe and functional designs. For instance, you can choose a rocking chair made of traditional wood with a soft leather seat, which allows your little one to strengthen their movements while ensuring their safety.

Remember that your baby will quickly outgrow their furniture, so choose materials that are durable enough to withstand gnawing but also affordable enough to fit your budget.

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